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GFWC Saxonburg District Woman's Club

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About Us

We have many Community Improvement programs in force.   Twice a year the club has gone to  Clinton Township to clean a section of road from litter.   We collect aluminum cans and pop can  tabs to recycle.   We collect used postage stamps to be used by a State Grange and also collect used and new greeting cards to be used at a local retirement home.  If you have any suggestions for a Community Improvement program, please let one of the officers know.

We offer scholarships to worthy seniors from Knoch Sr. High School in Saxonburg.  We  sponsor a student to the HOBY (Hugh O'Brien Youth Conference) Seminar in the summer.  We provide the kindergarten, first and second grades at South Butler Elementary School the "KIND News" sponsored by the Humane Society. 

Our two main fund raisers during the year have are a Tea Party in October or November  and  and a Rummage sale in May.   We also have other fund raisers during the year.  With the new officers, we may see some changes in our events.  Keep watching for exciting events!

Once you pay your yearly dues, you will receive a Year Book with the information for the year.   Dates for each meeting will be included, each members name, address and phone number, along with their cell phone number and e-mail address if available.  The Constitution of the Club and By-laws will be printed along with any other pertinent information needed.

Each month, prior to our next meeting, your newsletter, "Frauen Rundbrief, The Lady's Newsletter" is mailed to you.  This will include the upcoming meeting information and  if you are to bring anything with you to the meeting.

The GFWC Saxonburg District Woman?s Club belongs to the Southwest District of GFWC Pennsylvania.   There is a joint meeting twice a year, usually in October and again in March.   The meeting in October is a general meeting to discuss what each club is doing and report on the upcoming Arts Festival.  The meeting is March is the Festival of the Arts when all first place winners are judged and in turn first place winners are then sent to the State Arts Contest at the State Convention.

If you are interested in joining the club for the betterment of the Southeastern Butler County Area, please click on the Apply tab above. Someone will be in touch with you about joining.  Dues for the year are $30 payable at the first meeting but no later than November 15.  If joining after January 1, the dues are $15.00 for the remainder of the year.  Installation of new members is every January and May.

Our Club mailing address is: GFWC Saxonburg District Woman's Club, P.O. Box 402, Saxonburg, PA 16056

You can reach the President with any questions you may have at 724-316-2104 or by mail at 325 W. Water Street, Saxonburg, PA   16056.